DAB+ coverage area increase

Recently the coverage area of the DAB+ 4 Brainport ensemble has been increased. A second transmitter has been powered up and the antenna direction of the first one has been changed to reach as many listeners as possible. You can check your changes of reception using an interactive map .

Switch to DAB+ after AM 828 closedown

Now that our AM service on 828 has closed down on June 30th, this might be a good moment to switch to DAB+ listening if you want to receive Radio 4 Brainport over the air. Sure, you can also switch to our 747 kHz AM frequency, especially when you don’t have a DAB+ receiver yet, but why not listen in better quality using DAB+ ? Especially in the North of the Brainport regio, where our 828 service from Nederwetten could be received very well, this may be a good alternative.

To promote our DAB+ service, we are organizing a give away, in which one of our listeners will receive a DAB+ portable receiver ! For details, listen to Radio 4 Brainport or keep an eye on our Facebook page…

24/7 DAB+ availability in the new year !

Since January 1st Radio 4 Brainport has expanded our DAB+ distribution to 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week !

So now you are able to hear us also during the evening and night hours in digital quality over the air. Haven’t tuned your DAB+ receiver to our station yet ? Just perform an ‘autoscan’ to add the local stations like Studio040, Glow FM and also Radio 4 Brainport to the stationlist !

On this occasion we also decided to air the Dutchnews.nl Podcast, the lively discussion of the main events of the week in the Netherlands, every Friday evening between 19:00 and 20:00. That is in addition to the existing slots at Friday 11 pm and Saturday 11 am. We hope this broadcast just hours after the podcast production by the Dutchnews.nl team will increase the audience for this program, as well as the number of patrons supporting the team.

Do you (or your Dutch colleagues ?) have an old DAB receiver that is incapable to receive the new DAB+ stations ? Please be aware that during daytime you can still receive us as part of the ‘Eindhoven DAB’ channel from 7 am to 7 pm.

We are looking for volunteers !

At Radio 4 Brainport, we are planning to expand our coverage of current affairs in Eindhoven. We recently added news flashes from EindhovenNews.com. And we wish to do more podcasts and live debates for the internet audience. Can you help us to stream our debates to social media, to record a podcast and to go on air via our radio channel simultaneously ? Would you like to co-host the show and moderate interaction between on-line and studio guests? Let us know: info@Radio4brainport.org !

Eindhoven weather report on Radio 4 Brainport

You may have noticed already: after the introduction of the Dutchnews.nl headlines we have also introduced the Radio 4 Brainport weather report for the Eindhoven region. It is compiled every hour just before the top of the hour and broadcast just after the news, so you get a fresh weather outlook which is as up-to-date as it can get, just like our traffic reports. At the moment it is mainly reporting rain, but hopefully you’ll notice very soon it also includes e.g. warnings if the sun is too bright to stay in it unprotected. ?

This is one of the new ideas we had to enhance the programming, and we have a few more coming… but if you feel you know how we could improve our service further, please email us with your idea; .