Eindhoven weather report on Radio 4 Brainport

You may have noticed already: after the introduction of the Dutchnews.nl headlines we have also introduced the Radio 4 Brainport weather report for the Eindhoven region. It is compiled every hour just before the top of the hour and broadcast just after the news, so you get a fresh weather outlook which is as up-to-date as it can get, just like our traffic reports. At the moment it is mainly reporting rain, but hopefully you’ll notice very soon it also includes e.g. warnings if the sun is too bright to stay in it unprotected. ?

This is one of the new ideas we had to enhance the programming, and we have a few more coming… but if you feel you know how we could improve our service further, please email us with your idea; .

Radio 4 Brainport now features Dutchnews.nl headline bulletins !

Eindhoven, 2019-12-03 – Today Dutchnews.nl and Radio 4 Brainport expanded their cooperation with the introduction of hourly headline news bulletins, which can be heard at about 30 minutes past the hour. This is the first in a number of enhancements Radio 4 Brainport has planned to provide its listeners with even better coverage of international, national and local news items. A more elaborate weather report is part of the effort as well.

“We are very happy to be able to provide our listeners with up to date news from the Netherlands, supplied by the capable staff of Dutchnews.nl ” according to Jean-Paul Linnartz, Radio 4 Brainport’s program director. “This in addition to the lively discussion of the week’s news from the Netherlands every Saturday morning at 11 in the Dutchnews.nl podcast”.

Join us for our live “Drivers of Change” program !

Once again you can join us today, Thursday October 24th, for our live program from the Dutch Design Week. This afternoon Jean-Paul Linnartz welcomes Maarten Steinbuch, Professor in Systems and Control, Carlo van de Weijer, head of the Strategic Area Smart Mobility, Vincent Müller, Professor Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, and team Tech United, the world champions robot soccer from the Eindhoven University of Technology, to discuss Artificial Intelligence.

Come and see Radio 4 Brainport at work in Strijp-T building TQ6, at the Drivers of Change exhibition of the Eindhoven University of Technology, or listen between 16:00 and 17:00 to Radio 4 Brainport.

You can now also listen to the podcast of Tuesday’s program about Health at https://www.patreon.com/posts/31003359 

Guests of our moderator prof. Jean-Paul Linnartz  were prof. Carlijn Bouten and PhD candidate Bart Tiemeijer from the dept. of Biomedical Engineering, and Guid Oei, part-time professor at TU/e and gynaecologist at Maxima Medisch Centrum. They discussed, among other things, how our scientists are planning to create the world’s first artificial womb for humans, how smart plastics can be shaped into living heart valves, and how to monitor vital signs in premature babies.

Live reporting from the Dutch Design Week

From October 19th to the 27th Eindhoven is hosting the Dutch Design Week again. This year, in addition to short items about the various exhibitions, Radio 4 Brainport is reporting live from building TQ6, the home of the ‘TU/e Drivers of Change‘ exhibition. It features all research and projects done at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) that tackle the challenges of tomorrow, ranging from the latest inventions in data processing, solar panels, and smart diagnosis, to new materials, living environments and devices that will be beneficial to the society of tomorrow and after tomorrow.

In the ‘Stories of Change‘ Theater Radio 4 Brainport’s Jean-Paul Linnartz will present 5 live programs, each focusing on a different topic. These can be heard on
Saturday Oct. 19th, Sunday Oct. 20th, Tuesday Oct 22nd, Thursday Oct 24rd and finally Saturday Oct. 26th, between 16:00 and 17:00 on Radio 4 Brainport. They will also be available as podcasts later on.

Come on down to building TQ6 at Strijp-T to visit the exhibition and see Radio 4 Brainport at work, it’s free !

For more information on the TU/e Drivers of Change exhibition visit ddwtue.nl
For more information on the Dutch Design Week visit ddw.nl

Website Update !

Great improvements are coming to Radio 4 Brainport in 2019 !

Since a couple of weeks you are already able to receive us better in the Brainport regio as our program is now also distributed by Radio Nederwetten on 828 kHz AM. This is a significant improvement, especially for listeners in the northern part of Eindhoven.

And later this summer we hope to improve the coverage of our own 747 kHz transmitter with similar results as we move it to a better transmission location – more about that later.

So it was also time to update our website, and include a latest news page, to bring you updates on our progress and when new podcasts are published.

As always, your comments and questions are welcome ! Just send an email to info@radio4brainport.org .